Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Update ...

Happy Monday everyone!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  My weekend was busy but fun.. so I sure had a great one.  I don't think I mention about what's going on in my life on my blog since I try to keep it personal or just not ready to share yet.  But I think I'm comfortable to share it now and I hope you all (or whoever read my post) don't mind for me sharing. 

It's been couple months for me to accept that my Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer.  I found this out right after my hubby and I coming back from our long trip to Vietnam.  My parents actually knew about it right before we left, and blessed their hearts, they didn't want to let us know since they knew we would cancel our trip right then.  It was a really sad news for me, and I was trying to digest it.  I didn't want to talk to anyone nor think about anything... basically I was just in denial.  My Mom wasn't a smoker nor we have any smokers in the house.  Oh by the way, my parents are living with us.  So what's the chance of her getting lung cancer?? And why my Mom??  And she didn't have any symptoms at all of lung problems. So all of these questions, thoughts, and worries were running through my minds, and I would never find my answers.  I was living like a robot, doing whatever the doctors told us to do... and my mind was so empty.  My Mom had her surgery the end of April to remove her tumor, actually one whole lope of her lung, and it went really well.  Doctors believed they took out all the cancerous tumor.  Further doctors' appointments and check ups showed that she's recovered very well, however she'll need to go through chemotherapy.   We were hoping she didn't have to go through it, but the doctors were taking extra precaution.  With my mind being occupied for taking care of my Mom, I neglected and ignored all my friends.  We got so busy and didn't have any chances to see or spend time with our friends for the last couple months.  There were times I felt really lonely but I just wanted to be in my own shell. 

Now that's I am getting a better look at the situation, better feel about my Mom's condition and progress, I am starting to open up again... My hubby and I finally got the time and urge to go out with friends... so that was what we did last Saturday.  We started off with breakfast with my cousin and her hubby since they were in the area.  Then we went to lunch with a friend from DC and had fabulous sushi at my favorite restaurant.  My mouth is still watering thinking about that lunch.  Later that day, my best friends came to visit us and we went out to dinner as well.  We had such a great time talking and enjoying each other's company.  It does feel good to be able to "live" and enjoy life again.  I didn't realize how precious these social moments with friends are until I didn't get to do them, lol.  

So, the next couple months will be challenging for both my Mom and I.  My Mom will be suffering the side effects of the chemo medications.  I'll be very very busy taking care of her more than ever... which I don't mind, however it's hard to see her suffering and being dependent on other people since she was a very independent lady. One thing I learned was not to take everything you have for granted.  Scrapping has been helping me to get through my difficult time that last couple months.  I tried to scrap and keep up with my CT assignments every night after my Mom gone to bed.  That's the time I have for myself, the time for my mind to relax.  Anyway, I just want to share with you a little bit about what's going on with me... which I haven't really said much since I created this blog, lol. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for stopping my blog.  For whatever reasons you were here for, collecting freebies, or just happened to stumble upon to it, I thank you for your comments and supports.  I know I have only used this blog to introduce products for the designers I CT for, and haven't really talked much about myself or share personal thoughts and information.  I will try to openly sharing my thoughts and my life matters more than before so you can get to know me better.

I would especially like to thank all the designers I am working with.  Thank you so much for your talents, your gorgeous kits and templates.  They really helped me going through my tough time for the last couple months.  They've been my inspirations and my motivations to await to my late evenings.  Thank you all!!!

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