Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oodles of New Kits...

Hello everyone,

I've been lagging for the last couple of days on posting, LOL. So I will bombard you with lots of good stuffs currently in the market today!!!

First off is a gorgeous patriotic them kit called Stars and Stripes by B2N2 Scraps.  It's available at both of her Stuff to Scrap and Brownie Scraps stores.  Check out the preview and my layouts.

Next up are some kits from the Stuff to Scrap's July Build-A-Kit series.  You can mix and match any pieces from different designers to make your own mega kit.  You can look at other designers' pieces here.  I am featuring pieces from designers I am CT for.

This month, Designs by Snowlady is on the roll.  She has 3 pieces called Bits and Pieces you can purchase for a low price individually at Stuff to Scrap store.

With the same color scheme and theme, SAHM Scrapper puts out 2 pieces called A Day in My Garden.  These are perfect to scrap photos of your beautiful and proud garden.  They are available here.

Thanks for reading through.  Check back soon for my next post because I'll have something waiting for you here *wink*  Have a great day!!

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