Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy iNSD and New Releases...

Ohhh boy do I have a WHOLE lot to tell you about today. Meagan's rereleasing 2 bundles, she's got a new template set and a whole bunch of bits in the Chick Blitz sale! Let's jump right in, shall we? 

First up is a new release (and part of the Chick Blitz!), In My Backyard, a fun and outdoorsy, great for your playful pages!







All the In My Backyard pieces and her fabulous new floraly templates, Ode To Floral, are a part of the Chick Blitz sale, so each piece is ONLY $1.

And she's also re-releasing Beach Baby:
So much beachy fun, right? Can you smell the sunscreen? I can and I tell ya, after this never ending winter, I am READY for the beach!

Next up is Bucket List. Perfect for all your To Do pages, your I DID IT pages, or any fun pages you have!
Remember, all new releases (re-releases included) are 30% off through Sunday.

WHEW! I told you there was a lot! The big winners this week are:
Beth and Amy E.!!!! Thanks to everyone who entered!
I'll leave you with inspiration from Meagan's fabulous team:
5-1_preview Backyard b
5-1_preview O T F
5-1_previewBeach Baby
5-1_preview Bucket List

We hope you have a great iNSD & don't hesitate to link us up with what you create!

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