Saturday, May 5, 2012

iNSD - New Stuff from Roseytoes

Finally it’s iDSD weekend and what a wonderful new stuff has Roseytoes Designs releasing today.  Check out the previews of her new collab releases and you can grab them at either of her stores

Bionic Boy Revamped (collab with Jen Yurko)
Bionic Girl Revamped (collab with Jen Yurko)

Sunflower Soirée (collab with Tammi Miller)

Family Rules, a collab with Mandy King

And Gone Wild,

Have fun shopping and I hope you will get some layouts done.   I, on the other hand, am so bumped that I won't get to play this weekends due to family obligations.  I will just have to make it up during the week next week.  See you soon next week with some great layouts.

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